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We can provide Building Logbooks for your projects in line with CIBSE TM31 to ensure a smooth and trouble free handover. We will collect and collate all the necessary information while your staff concentrate on your core business. Building Logbooks are a legal requirement under part L of the Building Regulations in new buildings and in existing buildings where services have been changed.

Providing a clear and concise summary of the building, they are designed to be a simple user handbook, making the key building information accessible for the facilities manager. Specifically they provide a place to record ongoing building energy use and efficiency.


Preparation of the building log book should be co-ordinated by the lead designer. It should then be issued to the building's facilities manager at handover. If updates are required during the defects liability period, these will normally be made by the designers


The facilities manager should then take over responsibility for its ongoing development.
It is important for the building manager to keep the log book up to date by incorporating new information or revising details throughout the life of the building, and this is best achieved by conducting an annual review of the contents.

What should a log book contain?

Log book

* Overall Building Design
* Details of areas and occupancy levels
* Main building services plant Controls / BMS strategies and set points
* Metering, Monitoring and Targeting strategy
* Energy performance records
* Maintenance records
* Commissioning data